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Health Division

Health Officer
John E. Biegel, III, M.A. Health Officer


NJLINCS Health Alert Network

Ebola Fact Sheet Información de Ebola
Ebola Traveling Information  

Food Safety:
Prevent Food Poisoning
Seguridad Alimentaria: Prevenga envenenamiento
Food Safety:
Eating Outdoors
Seguridad Alimentaria: Comidas al aire libre
Food Safety:
Serving up safe buffets
Seguridad Alimentaria: Cómo servir un bufé seguro


Zika Virus
Virus del Zika
West Nile Virus Virus del Nilo Occidental
Protect your baby from Dengue Proteja a su bebé de Dengue
Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers
Prevención de picaduras de mosquitos para viajeros




FLU Influenza
Key facts about influenza Datos sobre la influenza


Enterovirus D68
English Spanish


Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Information
Learn about Childhood Lead Poisoning Aprenda sobre el Envenenamiento por Plomo
Are you pregnant? Lead poisoning prevention information for pregnant women. ¿Está embarazada? Información sobre prevención de envenenamiento por plomo de las mujeres embarazadas.
5 things you can do to lower your child’s lead levels 5 cosas que usted puede hacer para reducir los niveles de plomo de su niño

New Jersey Department of Health

Quit Smoking Today! We can help

Annual Health Report

Health Clinic Hours (español)

  • The Health Division Clinic provides free childhood immunizations and lead poisoning screenings to uninsured children.
  • The Clinic also provides Child Health
  • Conference Clinics for eligible children aged 2 months to 5 years
  • Clinic Services are available for CITY RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Appointments are required. For more information or an appointment, contact the Health Division Clinic at (973) 365-5681.
Complete Listing of all Health Division Related Fees
Helpful tips on how to keep your establishment violation free


Application - Body Art Establishment License
Application - Body Art Checklist
Application - Mobile Food Establishment License
Application - Recreational Bathing Place License
Application - Retail & Wholesale Food License
Application - Temporary Food Establishment License
Application - Vending Machine


Requirements - Mobile Retail Food Establishments
Requirements - Food Establishment Changing Ownership
Requirements - Temporary Event Guidelines
Requirements - New Food Establishment License

Environmental Health

  • Retail, Wholesale, Mobile and Temporary Food Establishment Inspections
  • Food Establishment Licensing
  • Food Establishment Floor Plan Reviews
  • Foodborne / Waterborne Outbreak Investigations
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Food Establishment Complaint Investigations
  • Food Vending Machine Inspections
  • Public Recreational Bathing Facility Inspections
  • Youth Camp Inspections
  • Pet Shop/Kennel Inspections
  • Public Health Nuisance Complaint Investigations
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Investigations and Inspections
  • Body Piercing Establishment Inspections
  • Tobacco Age of Sale Enforcement Program
  • Food Handling Education and Training
  • Residential Heating Complaints

Public Health Nursing

  • Communicable Disease Investigations
  • School Immunization Audits
  • Maternal and Childhood Health Conference Clinics
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Case Management and Screenings
  • Improved Pregnancy Outcome Activities
  • Influenza / Pneumonia Vaccination Program for Seniors
  • Childhood Immunization Programs
  • Adult Health Screenings and Education
  • Nurse Aides at Non-Public Schools

Health Education

  • Health Education Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Education Outreach
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Education
  • Cancer Prevention Education and Outreach
  • Health Fairs

Other Activities

  • Annual Dog and Cat Canvas
  • West Nile Virus Education and Surveillance
  • City Employee Right to Know Program


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