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Health Division

Health Officer
John E. Biegel, III, M.A. Health Officer
Telephone: 973-365-5603


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Health Clinic Hours (español)

  • The Health Division Clinic provides free childhood immunizations and lead poisoning screenings to uninsured children.
  • The Clinic also provides Child Health
  • Conference Clinics for eligible children aged 2 months to 5 years
  • Clinic Services are available for CITY RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Appointments are required. For more information or an appointment, contact the Health Division Clinic at (973) 365-5681.
Complete Listing of all Health Division Related Fees
Helpful tips on how to keep your establishment violation free


Application - Body Art Establishment License
Application - Body Art Checklist
Application - Mobile Food Establishment License
Application - Recreational Bathing Place License
Application - Retail & Wholesale Food License
Application - Temporary Food Establishment License
Application - Vending Machine


Requirements - Mobile Retail Food Establishments
Requirements - Food Establishment Changing Ownership
Requirements - Temporary Event Guidelines
Requirements - New Food Establishment License

Environmental Health

  • Retail, Wholesale, Mobile and Temporary Food Establishment Inspections
  • Food Establishment Licensing
  • Food Establishment Floor Plan Reviews
  • Foodborne / Waterborne Outbreak Investigations
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Food Establishment Complaint Investigations
  • Food Vending Machine Inspections
  • Public Recreational Bathing Facility Inspections
  • Youth Camp Inspections
  • Pet Shop/Kennel Inspections
  • Public Health Nuisance Complaint Investigations
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Investigations and Inspections
  • Body Piercing Establishment Inspections
  • Tobacco Age of Sale Enforcement Program
  • Food Handling Education and Training
  • Residential Heating Complaints

Public Health Nursing

  • Communicable Disease Investigations
  • School Immunization Audits
  • Maternal and Childhood Health Conference Clinics
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Case Management and Screenings
  • Improved Pregnancy Outcome Activities
  • Influenza / Pneumonia Vaccination Program for Seniors
  • Childhood Immunization Programs
  • Adult Health Screenings and Education
  • Nurse Aides at Non-Public Schools

Health Education

  • Health Education Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Education Outreach
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Education
  • Cancer Prevention Education and Outreach
  • Health Fairs

Other Activities

  • Annual Dog and Cat Canvas
  • West Nile Virus Education and Surveillance
  • City Employee Right to Know Program


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