Urban Enterprise Zone



The Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is a State of New Jersey program that was established for a limited number of cities in 1983. In Passaic the UEZ program began in August of ’94. The program has been expanded a number of times whereas it now covers 34 NJ cities.


The UEZ provides qualified businesses in designated zones certain state tax benefits as detailed herein. The program also provides a revenue source for the cities containing the UEZs. The revenues can be used by the cities for a variety of locally initiated programs to further help the UEZ businesses. Passaic currently receives about $1.2 million per year in these revenues.

The municipal UEZ is administered by a special entity set up specially for that purpose. In Passaic, the UEZ is administered by the Passaic Enterprise Zone Development Corporation.

COVID-19 Resources

Information on business related topics related to COVID 19 is available on the following websites of the State of New Jersey:

The State of New Jersey also maintains the Business Action Center help line at 800-537-7397.

Grants for Passaic Businesses

The NJ Economic Development Agency has announced Phase 3 of a Grant Program.  Businesses need to pre-register with NJEDA on their website by October 27th to apply for any grant. 

Applications will open for restaurants at 9:00 am on Thursday, October 29, 2020. 

Applications will open for micro businesses at 9:00 am on Friday, October 30, 2020. 

Applications will open for all other eligible businesses at 9:00 am on Monday, November 2, 2020. 

Please refer to the link below for details:

NJ Small Business Emergency Grant Program-Phase 3

Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program

  • NJEDA Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program
    • The amount of a grant will be based on the number of employees
    • Eligibility will include retail operations that are closed with between 1 and 10 employees as demonstrated by their WR-30 filings
    • Grant process will be on line through NJ EDA website
    • The minimum will be $1,000 the max $5,000
    • Must have a physical business location. No home businesses eligible

Small Business Emergency Loan Program

  • NJEDA Small Business Emergency Loan Program
    • Business must be operating for at least a year with revenue of less than $5 million per year. Home businesses not eligible.
    • Loan up to $100,000; ten year term; 0% interest first 5 years; then a cap of 3% for next five years; principal payments may be waived for first 12 months.
    • Minimum credit score 600
    • Personal guarantees necessary from owners of more than 10% of business Collateral similar to Small Business Assistance program; global debt service ratio of 1.0 No fees first five years.