What is an Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)?

The Urban Enterprise Zone is a State of New Jersey program that was established for a limited number of cities in 1983. In Passaic the UEZ program began in August of ’94. The program has been expanded a number of times whereas it now covers 34 NJ cities. The UEZ provides qualified businesses in designated zones certain state tax benefits as detailed herein. The program also provides a revenue source for the cities containing the UEZ’s. The revenues can be used by the cities for a variety of locally initiated programs to further help the UEZ businesses. Passaic currently receives about $1.2 million per year in these revenues.

The municipal UEZ is administered by a special entity set up specially for that purpose. In Passaic, the UEZ is administered by the Passaic Enterprise Zone Development Corporation.

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1. What is an Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)?
2. Where is the Passaic Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) located?
3. How does a business owner become certified as a qualified business?
4. What are the benefits of becoming a certified business in the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)?
5. When can a business owner obtain the benefits and exemptions of a Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ)?
6. How do I take advantage of the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) Programs?
7. How long is my certification good for?
8. Are businesses ever denied recertification?