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Police Services Survey:

  1. This survey is being conducted by The City of Passaic Police Department.
  2. Survey Questions
  3. 1. Are you able to perform reliable internet searches and filter the results?*
  4. 2. Are you able to write emails and reliably send and receive them?*
  5. 3. Are you able to independently install and setup most apps on a mobile device? *
  6. 4. Are you able to use hosted services such as VCS (scheduling software), employee tracking system (guardian tracking), on-line training software (DMS)?*
  7. 5. Do you have an understanding of computer network wiring?*
  8. 6. Do you know how many servers are on site and what primary functions each provides? *
  9. 7. Do you have an understanding of what a network firewall does and why it needs regular maintenance?*
  10. 8. Do you have an understanding of what provides and impacts upload and download speeds in your office and on your phone? *
  11. 9. Do you know which anti-virus software you use and why you use that one instead of others?*
  12. 10. Do you know which vendors support which of your work related services?*
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