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Passaic UEZ Loan Application Form


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      Passaic Enterprise Zone Development Corporation




      PEZDC wants to make your loan application as easy as possible. We have trimmed the amount of information required to the minimum and have sought to make every form simple and clear.  We assure you that all the information requested is essential in order to process your credit request quickly.  Your complete application should include the following:


      •      Business Loan Application
      •      Personal Financial Statement(s) (included in application)
      •      Three (3) Years Personal Federal Tax Returns
      •      Three (3) Years Complete Business Tax Returns
      •      Current Interim Financial Statements
      •      One (1) Year Financial Projections
      • Startups (less than 24 months): Business Plan Required including two (2) years projections.
      • Management Resume (included in application)
      • Copy of lease, if applicable


      I/we authorize and instruct any person or consumer reporting agency to compile and furnish to PEZDC (via UCEDC) any information it may have or obtain in response to such credit inquiries and agree that same shall remain your property whether or not credit is extended.


      All information set forth in this application is declared to be a true representation of facts made for the purpose of obtaining the credit requested and any willful misrepresentation on this application could result in criminal action.


      PEZDC (via UCEDC) may request a consumer (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax, etc) or business (Dun & Bradstreet) report in connection with this application and subsequent consumer and/or business reports in connection with updating, renewing or extending the existing or future extensions of credit.  Upon your written request, we will provide the name and address of the consumer agency furnishing such reports to us, if any.