Programs & Services

Location Services

Let us know your space requirements, and we will help you locate the available sites with the closest match. For larger companies, we will take you on a drive-by tour of potential locations. You will be provided contacts for the sites you are interested in, along with any other information that may be available. You can then follow up directly with the owner or agent as appropriate. No fees or commissions are associated with this service. 

Graffiti Removal

The Downtown Merchants Corporation (DMC), a separate non-profit organization fully funded by the Passaic Enterprise Zone Development Commission, will power wash or paint over the graffiti on any commercial building within the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ).

If your building gets "tagged," email the City of Passaic, or call the DMC at 973-365-5520. Leave your name, address and phone number. The graffiti will be eliminated as soon as possible, weather permitting. Due to this program the city has remained largely graffiti-free for the past few years.

Litter Cleanup

Every day of the year, crews from the DMC remove litter from the city’s main commercial corridors. 

Main Avenue Streetscape

Over $400,000 in improvements to the bus depot at Main and Lexington plus four other locations in the downtown area: new lights, landscaping, brick pavings, fencing and bus shelters.

Redevelopment Opportunities

Passaic, New Jersey’s fastest growing large city over the past 20 years, offers continuing redevelopment opportunities. We welcome you to join the numerous developers that are rehabilitating homes, building new housing, constructing all types and sizes of retail stores, and generally improving our building stock. 

Until recently, redevelopment in Passaic was strictly a private affair - willing sellers hooking up with willing buyers. Several years ago the city established a Redevelopment Agency to implement redevelopment plans that were not being accomplished through private means. Several properties are in various stages of being declared "areas in need of redevelopment" and having redevelopment plans prepared.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a "designated developer," you’re invited to call the Redevelopment Agency at 973-365-5724 to find out more and to discuss your ideas.